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software striping over hardware raid

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 25, 2008
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Originally posted by: Chris Tatro

My company has a Hitachi 9570 and I'm looking at configuring my storage layout differently using software striping over hardware raid.

I have been doing research on this and it seems this is a pretty standard configuration would I be correct in stating that?

I would like to get maximum IOPS for our SAP system. I was going to use Symantec Storage Foundation for this. The IOs are mostly random reads.

I was thinking of the following configuration I have 32 disks total and I was going to create 4 RAID groups (8 disks each) in RAID 5 with 4 LUNS (1 per RAID group) and then us Symantec Storage Foundation and stripe across these 4 RAID groups/LUNs. What do you think of this configuration? Another advantage I can see to do this is that I can use Symantec Storage Foundation to easily expand the striped set to include another RAID Group if I need more space.
I would be interested in your opinions.