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Ecopy for Data Migration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 1, 2008

Originally posted by: webfox

We just upgraded the microcode on a 9970 and a vxdisk list shows the below

# vxdisk list
DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS
HDS9970V0_0  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg01      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_1  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg02      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_2  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg12      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_3  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg13      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_4  auto:simple     sapdg19      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_5  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg14      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled
HDS9970V0_6  auto:cdsdisk    sapdg15      sapdg        online ecopy_enabled

Notice the ecopy_enabled in the last column.

A check of the VxVM manuals shows the below paragraph :-

[color="#CC0000"][font="Courier New"]Extended Copy Service
The Extended Copy Service feature of VxVM automatically works in tandem with the
extended copy engines from array vendors. When VxVM detects that the source and
destination devices are enabled for extended copy, VxVM automatically off loads copy requests
to the array?s copy manager.
The benefits of VxVM Extended Copy Service are:
? Non-disruptive copy operations from disk to disk. The host server remains online during
the copy and the data being copied remains accessible to the server.
? Server-free copy operation. The copy operation is done between the array subsystem and
the target disk. The data copy operation does not use any CPU or I/O resources on the
host server.
To see whether the Extended Copy Service feature is enabled on a disk, use the vxprint
command as shown in the following example. The feature is enabled if an ecopy_enabled
entry appears in the flags line.
# vxprint -l disk03
Disk group: rootdg
Disk: disk03
info: diskid=1234567890.1234.tungsten
assoc: device=sde
flags: autoconfig ecopy_enabled
device: pubpath=/dev/vx/dmp/sde
devinfo: publen=35354136 privlen=9167[/font][/color]

From the VxVM manuals it looks like data can be copied from disk to disk.

The question is can this feature be used to migrate data from a 9970 to a USPV.
Ecopy was renamed to Serverless Backup Enabler. Is this product now discontinued on the USPV ?
If yes its a shame since it looks a cool workaround for Tiered Storage Manager's requirements for similar Emulations and Similar Block Sizes for the Source and Target