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HDVM CLI syntax to find sizes of unallocated LDEV's

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 9, 2008
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Originally posted by: PP BIJU KRISHNAN

This is a really specific question, and I'm posting it to get some quick help

I have tried multiple commands like

\>E:\\Apps\\WeBStorageDB\\DVMCli\\hicommandcli GetStorageArray subtarget=Array
oup "model=R600" "serialnum=019191"


\>E:\\Apps\\WeBStorageDB\\DVMCli\\hicommandcli GetStorageArray subtarget=FreeS
ce "model=R600" "serialnum=019191"

But I need a command which gives me the size of LDEVs and their paths for each RAID group. Something like the VLL pane in GUI. I need this to calculate the number of 24's 48's and 240's left in each Raid Group.

Since each of my array groups (raid grps) are designated for different applications, I would like this information to help me forecast.

Thanks for your time and patience.