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shadowimage and windows

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 25, 2008
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Originally posted by: mahak

i have noticed this issue, dont know if you all have noticed it. might be very likely that i am not doing things correctly.

on 9990(USP). i create a shadow image pair (eg from 05:00(PVOL) to 02:00(SVOL))
Both 05:00 and 02:00 are mapped to a windows 2003 server. (same host)

05:00 is mounted and formatted, where as 02:00(SVOL) is not (no partition as well).

shadow image proceeds normally from SMPL->PAIR->PSUS

I now mount 02:00(SVOL), but windows does not recognize it. Windows, wants me to
create a partition. If I create a partition, windows wants me to format it. If I format obviously all is lost.

If I format and un-mount 02:00, then pairresync and pairsplit the pair again. Now when I mount 02:00 everything works as it should.

I tried the same thing on Solaris 10, but solaris recognized the 02:00 (SVOL) the first time, I could mount it and all data existed as it should be. Is there something windows need that I dont know. I always thought that shadowimage copies all blocks.

Appreciate your help.