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Changing CTG id HUR configuration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 27, 2008
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Originally posted by: Ranjit


I have couple of Queries with HUR. Please help with the answers.

1)I believe HUR supports 3 site replication. can someone please let me know the setup requirements for achieving 3 -site HUR. A sample horcm conf will also help.

2) I have a scenario where i have two device groups having same CTG id under replication.

Say      Dev1 - CTG ID 5
     Dev2 - CTG ID 5

If any one of these device groups fails over to DR node, it would result both the Devices pairstate being changed to SVOL from PVOL. Instead I would like that the non failed over device group to remain Pvol. One way i can think of this is by... on detecting failure of dev1, change the dev2 CTG id =6. Just wanted to know if there is any command that will help me to change the CTG id. Please suggest if there are better ways to acheive this.[/font]