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HDvM 6 Problems

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 29, 2008
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Originally posted by: Ricardo Vieira

Hi people,

We have a problem with HDvM v6.0.0-01 when trying to add new subsystem (USP-V) to HDvM v6.0, the error code is KAIC05601-E.

[quote]Error Code

The RMI connection to "IP-address" has failed. Check whether the specified storage subsystem type and IP address are correct, and check the network connection.

We?ll try to install HDvM v6.0.0-02 Service Pack, but in release notes cannot see anything about correction of this problem.

I did a test installing HDvM in my laptop and connect to direct cable to SVP for exclude a network infrastructure, but I have the same error. =(

Someone had the same error in HDvM v6.0.0-01 ?