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Brocade Extended Fabrics License

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 28, 2008
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Originally posted by: yeganeh

[size=1][color="#339999"][font="Arial"][font="Arial"]I?ve decided to use Brocade 7500 to connect two sites via dark fiber. The distance between them is about 37Km and refer to Brocade documents, I should order ?Brocade Extended Fabrics License? for Brocade 7500. I have searched in the web and I just found Extended fabrics license for Brocade switches and director like :
BR-3900EXF-02     Extended Fabrics (EF) (3200, 3250, 3800, 3850)
BR-MENTEXF-01     Extended Fabrics(EF) (Brocade 4900 Switch)
Would you please tell me the part number of ?Extended Fabrics License? of ?Brocade 7500?.[/font]