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HNAS warning and alerts

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 3, 2009

Originally posted by: Vikash Gupta


I am geting this NHAS alert & warning from last couple of days.
Since I am new to this product and need help to understand.

Please help.

sparse readdir WfsHandle[objectNumber=72796334,reuseCount=18,MOST_UP_TO_DATE_CP_NUM,WFSAuxInfo[verifier='H' (valid),objectType=OBJ_TYPE_FSOBJECT_DIR,volumeNumber=2]]: this event happened 103875 times in the last 273 min on the FSX1
Inquiry #210 (WFS_CREATE_CHECKPOINT) on volume sata_fs1 has gone for 5.43 min without a response.
Inquiry #210 (WFS_CREATE_CHECKPOINT) on volume sata_fs1 has gone for 7.43 min without a response.