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HDvM 6.x & Storage navigator physical View

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 4, 2009
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Originally posted by: Tamer Swidan

I'm just wondering, if that following is true or not, as I have not personally experienced it.

On one of the presentation of techweb "http://www.hds.com/techweb", I've heard that if you launch the Storage Navigator from HDvM (the "Physical View" button"), and make changes, you don't have to refresh the Storage Array because HDvM detects the changes and updates it database. ( granted the following paramter is "server.configchange.enabled=true" in the server.properties for HDvM.

Personally, I have not noticed that it did, and everytime I made changes ( Ex: Add new external Storage, create a CVS ), I ended up manually clicking on the Refresh Button. becasue HDvM did not see the changes.

So, what am I missing? does this feature really work?