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Array Group / LDEV Maps

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 16, 2009
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Originally posted by: wertert

Hi All

We have been using a spreadsheet for some time to keep a record of the layout of our USP 600 arrays.  i.e LDEVs in Array Groups.  LDEVS in LUSEs.  Logical Units mapped to servers.

I've been playing about with a way of auto-generating this as a daily HTML page. 

I thought I'd post some examples on the net and ask for any feedback that people would be willing to share.  It's very early days so I really only have a physical representation of the AGs so far.

The example below show AGs as vertical columns containing individiual LDEVS.  A lighter shade of colour shows that this is a LUSE head.

Red in mapped to a server
Green is unmapped.
Yellow is in a host storage domain which doesn't contain WWIDS ( ie truecopy target )

Numbers at the top of each AG are AG name, Total capacity of AG and total size of LDEVS created within AG.

Have a look...


Great to hear your feedback.