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USPV-required cache memory

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 17, 2009
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Originally posted by: yeganeh


We use EMC DMX-3 as primary tier of our storage and EMC clarrion and HP EVA as lower cost tier for business data.
We have decided to use HDS USPV to solve our current storage issues (such as managing growing storage environment, predicting future storage...). It will be appreciated to receive your reply to my following questions:

1- How can I calculate the required cache memory, shared memory and data path expansion for our scenario to achieve best performance and cost effective solution.

2- Our ?primary tier? is ?EMC DMX-3? that we have implemented Oracle Database in the said tier and we do not intend to migrate the Oracle volumes to USPV after adding it. I would like is there any effect on disk read/write operations in the mentioned tier after adding USPV.

3- We are using EMC ?PowerPath? on our servers, after adding USPV should we use HDLM?