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Remote Replication - TrueCopy - How to graph resync durations?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 20, 2009

Originally posted by: arappoport

Hi all,

I am looking after an overnight TrueCopy resync over a small number of LUNS from AMS to AMS.

I have extracted the log entries (CTL webpage\Reference\Warning Information/Information Message / Controller 0/1 Common - or use storage nav \ Tools \ Information Message).

It looks like that:
Date (US)   Time       CTL  Code   Details                             LUN ID
01/21/2009 04:44:53 C0 IU0000 Remote resync completed(LU-0007/0007)                                  
01/21/2009 03:58:23 C0 IU0000 Remote resync completed(LU-0008/0008)
01/21/2009 01:04:38 C0 IT0000 Remote resync started(LU-0007/0007)        
01/21/2009 01:04:28 C0 IT0000 Remote resync started(LU-0008/0008)                

I am now working under Excel in order to graph per LUN, the overnight duration (completed/failed - started).

I figured out the duration calcs, but I wonder if anyone has some ideas around tagging the resync group, as they are sequential but they still need to be paired (one start with one finish entry).

I am working on it, thanks for your help and let me know if you are interested by the solution, once we get there!

Kind regards,

Alexandre Rappoport   |   Senior Systems Engineer
   Infrastructure Support - Storage