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HDS software nominated for the Darwin Awards?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 4, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615

I have agents for HTnM and HSSM on all our SAN servers which are Windows.  Our capacity management people think the information in HDvM is good as at a glance, you can see what SAN storage is being used as a figure and as a percentage unless you use dynamic disks.   This requires the HDvM agent to be installed on the server.

HTnM thinks that all local disk should be included in its reports which is less than ideal.  The amount of disk versus actual SAN disk is skewed by servers having 146 GB local disks and perhaps only 20 GB is used.  So, hundreds of similar servers shows many TB's of wasted disk.  Bring on Google File System!!!

HSSM reports are just too long winded and who actually uses it other than a handful of users globally.

Anyway, I (yep me as an administrative user and not a local system account as security would have kittens if I tried this) and a few other people have gradually been putting on the HDvM agent on the hundreds of servers. 

I recently discovered that the HDVM agent is "locked" to the user who put it on.  This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen other than perhaps using Windows in the Enterprise.  No one other than the user who installed the agent can do anything to the 100's of HDvM agents out there.  I can't do anything to the servers that had other users put the agents on.  I have lost staff and those agents can't be upgraded or it seems even removed properly by anyone other than the person who does not work for us anymore.  I tried to remove an agent so I could install a new version but that does not work either.

Trying to figure out which user put the agent on is mindnumbingly tedious.  You have to search the registry for FCEE87657BCDFF64CBED39430458EC34 and then go look somewhere else for an obscure entry that suggests the user name because of a temp directory name.

If there was a Darwin Award for software, this has to be the first entry.

No one is going to be harmed with this but the stupidity is worth the nomination.