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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 11, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615

Considering there are sometimes many people on this forum who probably get as frustrated as I do about things, why doesn't HDS give us the ability to provide a formalised wish list that can't be updated by EMC and/or IBM SVC advocate bloggers. 

My first wish is the ability to "defrag" the Array groups.  I know this can be done with Clariions and LSI based systems so is there a reason it can't be done on the USP?  When I say defrag, I mean the ability to move all the storage together so old LDEV spaces get put together at the end of the Array groups and present one contiguous space.  Its tedious when lots of holes get created with older servers getting turned off.

My second wish is the ability to respond rapidly (say within 6 months) when an abvious bug has been identified.  Why wait for a major version when surely a simple patch can do the job?  I found out I have to wait until 2010 to fix a major issue I have!!

My third wish is make the manuals readable and understandable and offer meaningful examples.

My  4th to 4000th wish is too.. well you all know.

What about HDS world??  I reckon it should be held in Kyoto in late November so we can admire the Japanese Maples changing colour!!  Thats got to be better than EMC World in Orlando..