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Issues that impact systems

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 27, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


I discovered a very important bug a day or so ago and I started thinking how do we as HDS end users find out about this problems. 

HDLM 6.1.0-00 uses the Microsoft MPIO version that could cause a major memory leak in MSCS systems.  This is quite a major issue because people cluster important systems.  I found a rather simple KB on the Microsoft web site that obviously is associated with this issue and it tries not to stress the importance of this memory leak.

HDLM 6.1.0-01 fixed the issue so HDS seemed to be on top of this problem relatively quickly but I found it out in a rather strange roundabout way.  I wanted to see if HDLM could be used instead of Powerpath.

Lots of companies offer alerts for systems.  Sun and HP offer patch alerts for different products through an email service.

Also HP offers lots of advisories for products with security issues.  Storage Essentials in particular seems to have its fair share of problems but I just can't seem to find HSSM security notifications.

So, I got to thinking that perhaps HDS should allow users to register for alerts against their products.  I gather I would be spammed with HTnM 6 alerts as I believe I have found every single possible problem with HTnM and we are only still on 6.1.

I never seem to be able to find anything on the support web site.

Perhaps we could discuss this at the first annual HDS users forum hosted in Kyoto later this year?  I like the idea of visiting Japan in November.  Trees are changing colours and the oppressive humity and heat have long since faded.  Its only a suggestion so don't book your flights yet.  Perhaps HDS could share with EMC world as its going to be a non event this year given the global financial crisis.