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HDvM SMI-S_Enabled

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 11, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615

I see that HDS are now doing licencing checking on HDvM as well as HTnM.  The stupid thing is that I am sure I have paid (a lot) for all the HDS software so where are my licences?

So to this topic..  This version of HDvM lets you add SMI-S_Enabled devices or I presume storage systems.  I searched the doco with 6.2 and not once has HDS discussed which systems might be managed by this feature. 

I do know that the IBM DS4000 series (LSI branded) are capable of being managed with SMI-S.
EMC have some sort of SMI-S provider but I gave up looking for it in Powerlink.. 

I am not considering using SMI-S in HDvM but I am curious.

Anyone have anything to say about this?