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DP-Vol creation

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 10, 2010
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Originally posted by: sruby8

So i have been trying to find the best (fastest) way to create DP-VOLs. Many people have said use HiCommandCLI its way faster than the GUI (BTW HDvM DP-Vol creation is extremely lacking no block size option, if you aren't going to give us that option then you shouldn't make exact block size a requirement for HUR, SI, HTSM, anyways...). My testing using both batch and multiple commands have shown it takes 7 mins to create a single DP-Vol.

Am I missing something somewhere? 100 DP-VOLs x 7 MINS!!!! That ain't fast, I'd rather just do CVS formats for 100 LDEVs.

Please someone enlighten me on this! Let's see if any HDS engineers come out of the wood works to address.