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(2D+2D) vs (4D+4D)

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 29, 2009
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Originally posted by: przemolb


we are using Solaris 10 + Veritas on some of our servers. After several internal benchmarks of USP VM we find two configurations the best suited from performance of view for Oracle OLTP workload:
1. (2D+2D)-veritas-stripe-(2D+2D) (Veritas stripe of two different RAID1 (2D+2D) )
2. (4D+4D)
The advantage of the second option is that to achieve requested performance we need less Veritas stripes that in the first option, e.g.:
1 x (4D+4D) ~ 2 x (2D+2D) (~ = comparable)
2 x (4D+4D) ~ 4 x (2D+2D)
Since performance of the above configurations are comparable (do you agree ?) we tend to use the second option because of less administrative overhead involved with configuration at Veritas level.
Do you agree with these approach ? Any hidden drawback of (4D+4D) ?