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HORCM instance trouble

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 12, 2010
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Originally posted by: congoman

Guys, I am receiving this error message on HORCM, what should I look for to troublshoot this?


H:\>echo %HORCMINST%

H:\>pairdisplay -g STLPR009
pairdisplay: [EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager
Refer to the command log(C:\HORCM\log2\horcc_stlsanapp03_log.txt) for details.


[System Call Error]
SysCall: CreateMailslot
LastErr: 5 (Access is denied.)
ErrInfo: Internal Error
ErrTime: Fri Feb 12 11:06:07 2010
SrcFile: shorcmc.c
SrcLine: 1118

11:06:07-95a88-50040- 50040:HORCM death detected or access is denied.
11:06:10-a1220-50040- ERROR:cm_open[scmclcon() timeout_err]
11:06:10-a1220-50040- ERROR:horcm_lep_create
11:06:10-a1220-50040- [horcctl][exit(251)]
[EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager
[Cause ]:Couldn't connect with the HORC manager.
[Action]:Please check if HORC manager is running or if HORCMINST is set correctly