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HDvM / HTnM v6 Implementation - server specs recommendations

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 19, 2010
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Originally posted by: arappoport

Hi all,

we are about to deploy HDvM and HTnM v6 across a pair of USP (150TB total), 4 x 4800 Brocade directors and 150 SAN-attached hosts.

Could you please share your recommendations around the server hardware specs required to get the software up and running?

While trying to be cost effective, we tried to install HTnM v5 on an under-spec'ed server and the application is simply useless... so reports, missing data... (it was on Windows?). So I am looking for a honest configuration...

HP DL380? Sun T6320 ?
CPU specs?
RAM specs? 16GB?
(disks: DAS)

thanks a lot for your help on this.

Alexandre Rappoport