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HSSM Implementation - server specs recommendations

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 19, 2010
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Originally posted by: arappoport

Hi all,

we are about to deploy HSSM across a pair of USP (150TB total), 15 NetApp and 6 Sun 6xxx arrays, 4 x 4800 Brocade directors, few FC routers and 200 SAN-attached hosts.

Could you please share your recommendations around the server hardware specs required to get the software up and running? I understand that the requirements change between server OS and also the reporting component.

While trying to be cost effective, the installation has to be done by the vendor, so I am keen not to miss the boat...and have a robust server configuration right from the start...

HP DL380? Sun T6320 ?
CPU specs?
RAM specs? 16GB?
(disks: DAS)

thanks a lot for your help on this.

Alexandre Rappoport