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TC problem

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 27, 2010
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Originally posted by: Sontas J.

I had some issue about truecopy synchonous when the primary volume is corrupt.
Story detail :

I have 2 sites ( site A , site B )

site A --> horcm0.conf --> testdg-->Lun0 ( Good)  --> Assign to DB Server

site B -->horcm1.conf --> testdg-->Lun0 (Good) --> Just be SVOl


- Cutomer need to migrate data at site A ( primary volume) by stop DB and split pair to PSUS before start migration.
- The migration failed and data at site A is currupt and i want to sync back volume from secondary to primary. Can i use step like this at Primary site ( Site A)

site A --> horcm0.conf --> testdg-->Lun0 ( Good)  --> ( Data Corrupt)

site B -->horcm1.conf --> testdg-->Lun0 (Good) --> Assign to DB Server and Change it to be PVOL
pairresync -g testdg -swapp   ( Now it should change site B to be primary volume and sync back to site A ) Does it correct command ????

- After Data confirmation at site B  i want to use site A to be primary as before.

  i should use what command to take the volume at site A to be primary ?????

Thank in advance,