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Originally posted by: cris

Hi Guys (and possibly Girls),


/nI was looking at doing configuration exporting the other day in a structure format (XML) across both modular and enterprise arrays and I came accoss some old documentation (Hitachi HiCommand Device Manager Server XML API Manual) on how to access the HDvM API (the non-CIMON version).  The documentation states that sending a structured  HTTP request with the  companying XML payload, can be used to make calls on the server.  I just happen to have some code I wrote for another XML API which I've modify to meet both the HTTP request and XML specification.  Unfortunately I haven't had much luck, using the documented URI (http://<servername>:2001/sevrice).  I have tried a series of other URIs and ports with no avail.  I know its not a code issue as the respond code I'm receiving is a 404 (I was getting 403 until I fixed the base64 coding in by authentication header, for anyone trying to do this it requires the format username:password to be encoded), I also  know that the XML functionality is still available and correct as the HiCommandCLI supports the same structured xml format as an input file.  I've tested my generated XML files using the CLI and they work!


Any help would be good, I'm not signed up as a developer, but am happy to do so if HDS wants to give their internal API documentation to a lone coder


EDIT:  I'm happy to share some code and even write and  some class files so everyone can benefit