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Changing the link between Device Manager and Tuning Manager

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 27, 2011
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Originally posted by: fabrice


I have HDvM and HTnM installed on 2 separate machines.
It used to work fine.

We are rarely using Tuning Manager, and one day, I discovered the link between HDvM and HTnM was broken.
Now, when I click the "Go" button in the HDvM's Dashboard, it sends me to :


As a workaround, I temporarily added an entry "ipconfig <--> HTnM-IP-Address" in our DNS (!!!!) and it works.

I have no idea how this "ipconfig" has appeared, and I really want to change that link.
How can I do that ?

The "htmsetup" command of HDvM won't do that.

The "hcmdsrep /add /type TuningManager /url ........" of HTnM returns :

KAPM04489-E This version does not support the add option.
KAPM04562-E hcmdsrep add has failed. TuningManager

Is this command supposed to change the link of the HDvM's Dashboard ?
Both Device Manager and Tuning Manager are in version 6.

As I am a complete newbie in that domain, any idea would be appreciated.