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Better to virtualize LUNs on one or several path groups ?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 23, 2011
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Originally posted by: fabrice


I have an AMS2100 virtualized behind an USP-VM, through 2 path groups.

On the AMS2100, and on the SAME RAID GROUP, I formatted 20 LUNs of 50G each.
I will use them to make several LUSE (2 of 250G, 1 of 200G, etc).

Is it better to :
- balance those LUNs on both path groups
- map them on the same path group

I know the performance will depend on the activity of the other raid groups, but theoretically, when a LUSE is composed of several LUNs all in the same raid group, what is the best (1 or 2 path groups) ?