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HTSM : migrate a LUSE to an HDP pool

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 28, 2011
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Originally posted by: fabrice


I just started to use HDP.
With Tiered Storage Manager, I successfully migrated some LDEVs of 50G to an HDP pool of 2.8T
But when I try to migrate a LUSE (composed of multiple 50G LDEVs) to this HDP pool, I get the error :

KATS50481-E  A migration plan cannot be created for the specified migration group and storage tier. (storage domain name: "USP_VM", reason migration cannot be performed: "LUSE")

The problem is obviously the target.
Should it be possible to migrate a LUSE to an HDP pool ?
(I mean, without having to manually create a DP-VOL through Device Manager)