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Problem After Replaced NVRAM Battery HNAS 3080/3090

Question asked by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 28, 2011
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Originally posted by: redarix

Hi All,

I have a single node HNAS 3080/3090 with an external SMU,
After i replaced the NVRAM Battery there's error message on SMU "Server is not responding  ( is not pingable). No route to host".
we've replaced it based on manual procedure.
Here are the the procedure i've done :

1. Shutdown the Node HNAS Server first.
2. We waited about 10 minutes until the server completely shutdown.
3. Shutdown the external SMU.
3. Replaced the NVRAM Battery.
4. Turn on the external SMU first.
5. Waited about 10 minutes, and then turn on the Node HNAS Server.

Is there any wrong with those steps ?

Because when i log into SMU there's error message "Server is not responding  ( is not pingable). No route to host" ( [url=""]Picture attached[/url] )
We've been waiting about half an hour, but the error message always like that.

I plugged monitor and keyboard to node server and login as manager, there's error message  
send : Broken pipe
recv : Transport endpoint is not connected
Failed to establish SSC connection

([url=""]Picture Attached[/url])

Please need advice.