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HGLM - LDEV Labels

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 15, 2011
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Originally posted by: Kamran

Hello Everyone,

According to HGLM Installation and Configuration Guide, HGLM can display Device Manager labels by setting the following properties in ../HGLM/conf/server.properties file;


This is how we have defined these properties in server.properties file;


A user is also defined in Device Manager "hglm" password "hglm" with view only permissions.

however, when we try to start HGLM, after setting these properties, it doesn't start with following error;

3943 2011/11/15 12:50:14.978     HGLAM            00DF8F5E 013D93F4 KAIF21406-W           # Invalid value specified for property server.hdvm.http.ipaddr. LDEV Label acquisition will not be performed from this target.
3948 2011/11/15 12:50:14.984     HGLAM            00DF8F5E 013D93F4 KAIF10002-E      ER   # An attempt to start Hitachi Global Link Manager has failed. (details = No valid IP Address specified for the property server.hdvm.http.ipaddr.)

I have tried using the hostname as well but it doesn't work either, however, If we leave "server.hdvm.http.ipaddr" blank, HGLM starts...

Both HGLM and HDvM are installed on the same Server that is Windows 2008 SP1. HGLM Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1 1.5.0_11-b03. Device Manager Version: 7.1.0-02

What am I doing wrong? Please help...thanks!