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Steps Required for quick restore in AIX

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 16, 2012

Originally posted by: Tom

We have a new Hitachi VSP on sight and forgive me being a bit new to the terminology.

What I'm looking for is confirmation on the steps for performing a pairresync quick restore.
Starting from an established pair in suspended state, with the P-Vols mounted on serverA and the S-Vols mounted on ServerB.

The goal is to restore back to the S-Vols on ServerB without a resync occuring. A swap and freeze if you like.

1) On both servers stop applications using the Hitachi disk.
   Unmount filesystems.
   Varyoff volume groups.
   Export volume groups.
   Remove disk devices.

2) pairresync -IM0 -g groupname -restore -fq mode=quick

3) Reverse of step one.
   Run cfgmgr.
   Import volume group.
   Mount filesystems.

Any comments appreciated.
I couldn't find in the PDFs about the export/import of the volume groups, so I'm not sure if those steps are required.