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Brocade Interop Mode

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 9, 2012
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I am working on a fabric which has an existing Mcdata modular switch. We are planning to have a brocade switch added to the same fabric. We have the brocade switch at the required FOS version and the ISL's cabled. I have the following POA to get the switch added. If anyone has performed such a merger then could you please let me know if I am missing anything.

1.     Login to Brocade 5300(Switch01).
2.     Check zoning.
3.     Clear the existing defined zoneset(if any present) from the Brocade (Switch01) by deleting it.
4.     Verify that there is no zone-set enabled on the switch.
5.     Note down the ISL ports between the Brocade and Mcdata.
6.     Verify if Interop Mode is set as Mcdata Fabric Mode (IM2).
7.     Enable the ISL ports between Mcdata and the Brocade.
8.     Once the ports are enabled, the Switch01(Brocade switch) should merge with the Fabric_1(existing McData fabric).
9.     If the switch does not merge verify if the switch status is healthy, the domain ID, Buffer credits and port speed is set correctly on the switch.
10.     After the fabrics are merged verify the zone-set on the Brocade switch.
11.     Repeat the steps 1 to 10 for Switch02 to merge with Fabric_2.