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Tuning Manager Windows Agent (agrd) unable to talk to Tuning Manager server

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 6, 2012
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Originally posted by: kriss

Hi Guys,

Recently there was a situation where the device manager server (version 6.4) has crashed and database was lost (there was no backup - stupid I know).  Tuning Manager and Device Manager are running on 2 separate hosts.  I have managed to rebuild/reinstall and link the databases now but cannot get Agent to talk to TNM.  Here is what I did until now.

1)  Installed Device Manager on a new VM Windows host
2)  Using htmsetup, linked both TNM and DVM databases, so they are able to talk to each other.
3)  Presented command device and setup the agent (agtd) for the enterprise array using jpcinssetup command.
4)  Stopped and started the services below (in the same sequence)
    a)  Stopped agent services on device manager server using jpcstop
    b)  Stopped agent services on tuning manager server using jpcstop
    c)  Stopped hcmd services on device manager server using hcmdssrv /stop /all
    d)  Stopped hcmd services on tuning manager server using hcmdssrv /stop /all
    e)  Restarted above services in the same order

But nothing seems to have done the trick.

Question is, is there a preferred order to restart the services and if there is, is the above sequence correct?

And if there is anything else I should do.

I can open a ticket with HDS support, but before that I was wondering if anybody on this forum can help.

Thanks in advance.