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Originally posted by: vicengle

I have an HUR replication group configured from the GUI. The Primary subsystem is 48581 and the remote subsystem is 17499. In the GUI, status is shown as PAIR and the group can be split and resync'd. I set uo HORCM files on my local and remote CCI server and I can start the instances fine and they talk to each other. The problem is that pairdisplay shows the volumes SMPL. I'm sure I have an error in the horcm files. Here is what pairdisplay shows for the first volume in the config, the rest are the same...

Group   PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU-M) ,Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status,   % ,P-LDEV# M
orafsa01        orafsa01_disk_1(L) (CL5-N1-1,82,   0-0 )48581   2c1.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -
orafsa01        orafsa01_disk_1(R) (CL7-L-6,99,   0-0 )17499   680.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -