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newly added storage array not seeing existing hosts when using CLI

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 29, 2012

Originally posted by: chris

HI all,

I'll try to explain this the best I can.  We are currently using a uspv and are planning to migrate to a vsp. We have attached the VSP to the san manager and from the gui I can assign ldevs from the VSP to all the hosts that are curretnly using ldevs from the uspv.  The problem is that I can't use CLI to assign ldevs from the vsp to the existing hosts.  If I add a new host then I can use CLI to assign VSP luns to that hosts and the same if I remove an existing hosts and re-add it.  I assume I just need to let the VSP know that the hosts exists, but I can't figure out how.  I have tried to use AddHostRefresh, but I get the following error:

[cthro@sanman2.sjc CLI]$ ./HiCommandCLI AddHostRefresh hostname=testdb2.sjc
KAIC90083-E Device Manager Server Exception:
    error code= 7919
    error level= 2
    error source= HostManager.AddHostRefresh
    description=An attempt to execute the request failed. No host agents were found for the specified host "testdb2.sjc".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.