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Unable to execute pairsplit

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 29, 2012
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Originally posted by: msurin

Hi All,

Let me explain my issue.

We're in phase of testing the TrueCopy solution in sync mode. I can create pairs and perform any common operations over it but when I tried to simulate outage of the primary site (SAN or horcm0) I was unable to split the pair because of the horcm0 is unavailable.


[font="Calibri"]1. [/font]Scenario 1: SAN available, horcm0 instance down,split initiated from horcm1 instance

[font="Symbol"]? [/font]It was not possible to split the pair with helpof horcm1 instance only if horcm0 is unavailable

[font="Symbol"]? [/font]Split was not successful although switches ?S or?P were used

Error message:
[size="2"]CMDLINE : pairsplit -S -g dev_SYS -IH1
09:09:32-97db0-02084- ERROR:cm_sndrcv[rc < 0 from HORCM]
09:09:32-97db0-02084- [pairsplit] R_RDCFG ERROR :rc = -14
09:09:32-97db0-02084- grpname=dev_SYS devname=SYSTEM
09:09:32-97db0-02084- [pairsplit][exit(242)]
[EX_ENORMT] No remote host alive for remote commands or Remote Raid Manager might be blocked (sleeping) on an existing I/O.
[Cause ]:A time out occured on remote communication,and HORC manager failed to re-execute.
[Action]:Please confirm if the HORC manager in the remote host is running,and then increase the value of the time out in the configuration file.[/size]

[font="Symbol"]? [/font]Once the horcm0 became available the splitcommand works fine

[font="Calibri"]2. [/font]Scenario 2: SAN unavailable, horcm0 instancedown

[font="Symbol"]? [/font]It was unable to start the horcm0 instancewithout its SAN CMD device available

[color="black"][font="Symbol"][size="2"]? [/size][/font][/color]Without horcm0 instance pairsplit attemptfinished with error as described in scenario #1

Error message:
[size="2"]C:\HORCM\etc>horcmstart.exe 0
[/size][size="2"]startingHORCM inst 0
[/size][size="2"]HORCMinst 0 has failed to start.[/size]

The question is how DR solution can work if I can't split or delete the pair when primary SAN is not available. I can't start horcm0 instance without its cmd device available as well.

Also I would like to point out the horcm# instances are running on dedicated servers one per each data center but this shouldn't be the issue.

Any suggestions or did I miss something?