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DR Testing w/o failover

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 9, 2012
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Originally posted by: Kippy

I am looking for some advice/confirmation on the following:

I have HUR setup between Site A and Site B (PVOL @ Site A and SVOL @ Site B).

I also have two COW snapshots setup for the S-VOL at Site B so I can roll back to a 24 hr and 48 hr backup... (I take these during a time when there is no acitivity going on with the HUR, although I leave it in PAIR status).

For a DR test, I want to suspend replication between my HUR PVOL and SVOL and restore the HUR SVOL (aka COW PVOL) back to one of its snapshots.  Then I would present the HUR SVOL to a server.

The easy solution would be just forget trying to roll back my HUR SVOL and present the COW SVOL to my server.  But that leaves me with several questions such as, is the COW SVOL writable, is there a performance hit using the COW SVOL, this isn't that great for a permament solution is it...

Which leads me to the horctakeover command.  If I suspend my HUR, and then do a horctakeover -S on my HUR SVOL group, I should be able to then restore my COW point in time backup to the HUR SVOL and present the HUR SVOL to my host right? (For the DR Test)

Meanwhile my production enviornment will continue to use the HUR PVOL... when I want to resync my HUR PVOL to the SVOL what do I need to do in order to make that happen.  I want to protect my HUR PVOL so I don't accidentally overwrite it with whatever I did on the SVOL during my DR testing.