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Tuning Manager doesn't show all configuration data

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 11, 2012

Originally posted by: silverspirit

this is a trivial issue, but for me it's looking very strange, maybe somebody has some usefull hints.
We are using Tuning Manager 6.4 including Agents for Raid to monitor USPV Array performance and using Device Manager running on the same server.

It turned out, in Tuning Manager some Ports - CHP relation data isn't present, eg
Port CL-1G is linked to CHP (Processor) CHA-1FL-4 -> this is ok
Port CL-1J (and 1-K) shows NO Object when I click on CHPs (HSDs, LDEVs are visible)

If I go the other way around, select Array, Processors (for CL-1J it is CHA-1GU-0) click on the processor, it shows in dashboard tab performance data (busy rate values) in the Ports tab again No Object.

I understand configuration data is collected from Agent for Raid and/or Device Manager database, for me it seems data is there but not correctly displayed in Tuning Manager.