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Performance issues on AMS2500

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 11, 2012
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Originally posted by: Newbie

Hello All,

We have an AMS2500 serving mix loads. It hosts ESX, Linux, Solaris and Windows servers. We have Oracle DB working on Linux VM's. Exchange working on physical systems all mapped from this same array.
Everything was working fine until 2 weeks back. We suddenly started experiencing high processor utilization causing the systems to go offline and high response times on LDEV's. It is only the VM's that are affected. Physical systems continue to work fine.
IOPS and transfer rates for all DP Pools look normal. Only the response time and processor utilization increases. There is no replication running on this system. HDS support has advised to change the QD on ESX. I am looking for what more can be the contributors to this issue?
Any suggestions/insight on this will be helpful.