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Hitachi Engineer position in MA, I'll pay you for a referral!

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 18, 2012

Originally posted by: dgleeson

My name is Dan Gleeson and I'm the corporate recruiter for Park Place Technologies.  We're a technology company that provides data center hardware maintenance for clients nationwide, and we're looking to add a Data Center Technical Support Engineer (L3) position to our world-class operations center in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  This is an extremely lucrative position, but one I'm having a lot of trouble filling given the extremely specific nature of the experience desired.

The L3 Engineers we usually hire are extremely OEM specific, and we're looking to hire someone with a ton of experience and expertise with Hitachi storage hardware...so I think I've come to the right place!  Now, what I mentioned in the topic title is absolutely true, we are indeed offering rewards for referrals given the difficult time we've had finding qualified talent.  Through the new referral platform of ZAO.com, we've assigned a reward of $1000 for a referral we end up hiring for the position!  This is no scam, click on the link below to see a full job description for the position, and for a bit of direction on how to search any social networks you have.  The coolest part about ZAO is that if you send this information along to someone else who ends up referring someone for the position, you both make $500!

So please, click on the link below and scour your networks for a qualified Hitachi Data Center Engineer in the Massachusetts area (or maybe someone who would move for six-figures...).  You could help me fill this position and make some cash along the way!