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Replication Manager module "Disabled"

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 3, 2012

Originally posted by: Ciro Iriarte

I'm trying to use replication manager but on the host that has the agent the orders/commands fail with:

[code][root@replicator bin]# bash -x /opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/bin/amc_exec hrpm:RpmHorcmCtrlCmd
+ '[' -f /etc/.HBaseAgent/Path00 ']'
++ /bin/cat /etc/.HBaseAgent/Path00
++ /bin/grep '^HBSA_DIR='
++ /bin/sed 's/^HBSA_DIR=//'
+ HBSAPATH=/opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent
+ '[' /opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent = '' ']'
+ exec /opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/bin/amc_exec_java -classpath /opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/jar/agent4.jar:/opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/jar/jdom.jar:/opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/jar/xerces.jar:/opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/jar/servlet.jar:/opt/HDVM/HBaseAgent/agent/jar/log4j-1.2.3.jar com.Hitachi.soft.HiCommand.DVM.agent4.am.main.Executor hrpm:RpmHorcmCtrlCmd
[color="#FF0000"]KAIE16201-I The module "hrpm" cannot be loaded because its state is "Deactivated".[/color]
KAIE16411-I An attempt to load module "hrpm" failed.
KAIE10601-E An error occurred while execution the command.[/code]

Anybody has seen this?