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Hitachi storage administration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 6, 2012
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Originally posted by: Moni

Need answers for few queries.. can any one help me out

?     Current organization environment. (How many servers, how many storage servers, storage types, no of storage admins working etc)
?     Daily to day activities
?     How many tickets they get on a daily basis, what is the ticketing tool they are using.
?     Ticket seniority levels
?     Back End Protocols supported by Hitachi USP-V/VM
?     How do you present LUN to existing and new server?
?     Storage Navigator and Device Manager Version
?     In case of HBA failure what steps you?ll take?
?     What are the replication methods they use mostly
?     Can you delete Paired Volume?
?     What is Backup command for HUR?