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Replication issues HUR

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 31, 2012
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Originally posted by: sanation99

I've recently set up a new system based arouns an AMS2500 behind a VSP. We're seeing some issues with the HUR replication (set up via replication manager). Basically we have three consistency groups which have their journal groups ( on internal VSP 10K SAS drives)  continually filling up then going to PSUE. We've got inflow control off for performance. I think the issue is the link. It's a 1 gig link but we're going through encryptors and the 7800 we're using  for FC/IP as a maximum MTU of 1500 so we're only getting effectivley about 600 meg.
So I know long term we'll have to spend some more money, on links, cache, more drives for bigger journals etc but it'll take a while to get the budget! So after some help, not really used HORCM in anger ( and even then it was way way back on an old 9960) but was thinking of script that would check the status of a group and resync if it was in PSUE , would this be possible if the HORCM config files were created by replication manager? Any tips on writing my first script would be much appreciated!