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Access to Hitachi device manager DB

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 12, 2012
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Originally posted by: Malek

Hi everyone! First post and I hope it's clear, I could definitely use a push in the right direction.

First of all, I have a virtual Linux RHEL 5.1 machine that has the Hicommand CLi installed and can run commands locally without a problem. I also am using Perl to write the back-end scripts for the different vendor devices.

We're building a type of "Dashboard" for our clients, which will show their basic SAN information (port occupation, storage capacity occupation etc.. device info, etc, but compressed for execs)  on a Microsoft SQL database.

Through the internet, I was able to find a way to connect and send queries to the Cisco DCNM and the Brocade FCNM databases, but I'm stuck on Hitachi devices.   I can't find any documentation allowing me to connect to just the database (it's oracle correct?) and create a new db user for example. I've been looking at the Hitachi device manager gui and cli. (a windows odbc connection would also suffice)

I know that most Hitachi commands have csv output included, which is helpful, but not all of the commands do, and most subtarget specific filters like WWN don't allow it
(for example: GetStorageArray subtarget=Path pathsubinfo=WWN, HostInfo
cannot output in csv or xml... neither can these:
Table 7-2 Parameters that cannot be specified in the GetStorageArray command when CSV output is specified:
subtarget parameter  value

I need a direct connection to the (oracle?) database so that I can get the most recent and relevant data.   Can anyone please point me in the right direction? a link to a guide, or what to google, I'm not getting anywhere and  I need to finish it ASAP!! (I don't need the Hitachi ID Password Manager do I?) I also didn't find anything in the device manager :(