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SNM2 Session Timeout errors

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 25, 2012
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Originally posted by: KeirL

I'm trying to track down a weird problem I'm seeing with AMS2000's whereby the session will suddenly timeout for no reason. Administrators are partway through configuring and then the session idle timeout prompt will appear and the administrator then needs to log back in.

I've seen this issue on AMS2100, 2300 and 2500's and have seen it on an AMS array on old firmware and then it still exists on the latest firmware. I've also seen it on different versions of SNM2 both 11.52 and 22.02 - and these versions of SNM2 have been installed on different machines - so I'm really struggling to narrow down what's going on here. Also tried it with different versions of IE and Firefox

Even more weird is that I only see this when I start an SNM2 session connected through controller 0..... If I connect to Controller 1 everything is fine - no session timeouts....Anyone had anything similar themselves???

Both controllers are fine when connected via Webtools

Any ideas greatly recieved