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HNAS jetstream replication - ndmp backup

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 26, 2012
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Originally posted by: sanation99


Anyone backing up a Jetstream replicated object on the replication side? We've a 3080 cluster in each of our datacentres, with the share in one datacentre replicated to the DR side using jetstream object replication. Rather than replicate our backups as well, we thought we'd backup the replicated HNAS (8.1). That's where we hit the problem. Setting up our production side with NDMP and netbackup  7.1 ,with hitachi we were told we need to put a root share on teh filesystem to be able to back it up. Unfortunatley we cant do this with the replicated one as its mounted as an object - anyone else backing up an object replicated filesystem, and how are you doing it?