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Looking for best practices for a switchless setup

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 28, 2012
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Originally posted by: gentinphilly

Hola all -

We haven't gotten much in the way of instruction from our Hitachi setup tech, unfortunately, and I am uncertain of what would be a best practices configuration, due partly to my less than perfect understanding of host groups and how they should be adapted in a no-switch situation.

We have 8 FC ports on the HUS 110, and 2 physical servers (XenServers) which will tap into them on a total of 4 ports for a dual-failover configuration (each machine has 2 dual-port cards, one port on each will go to to different controllers on the HUS and point to the same storage; each physical server is setup the same and any VM can failover to the other physical server).

My questions are in regard to host groups and how best to set them. Specifically:

1) One host group for all 4 ports (0a, 0c, 1a, 1c) and use the 'Forced set to all selected ports' seems a logical setup to me, with all 4 WWNs for the possible ports entered for each port, but I may be misunderstanding the group concept as it seems I can only edit a single group/port combo at a time - I assume this is what 'forced' is intended to do, to set the same configuration for all ports? In any case, would there be a reason to use separate host groups?

2) Create a new Host group or edit group 000? This group seems to have a special function as it can be initialized, but I admit I'm unclear on the concept, and why I seem to be able to initialize the host group 000 only on a single port.

3) We have turned host group security off as only 1 cable can be on any given port at a time, so this seemed unnecessary; any reason to reverse this?

Any thoughts gratefully received, we've got this working well but again our conceptualization/instruction is lighter than I'd like it to be.