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Registration of Tuning Manager Agent for USP-VM fails

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 3, 2012
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We installed the whole Tuning Manager Environment on one Windows 2008 Server.
This includes the Tuning Manager Server
2 Agents for two AMS2500
2 Agents for two USP-VM

In advance CCI was installed because the USP-VM Tuning Manager Agent only supports performance data collection via CMD DEV.

After the setup of the instances the Tuning Manager was refreshed in the Web GUI (Administration -> Data Poolling -> Refresh Button) and the HDvM Agents shows now two related agents for two ams systems.
The other Agents for the USP Systems are missing.

The strange thing is a all Agents are shown in the Performance reporter and are working ( they show real time statistics)

jpcnshostname  - shows the windows hostname
jpcctrl list * - shows all agents are active and running

Maybe someone has an idea whats can be wrong. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] Thanks in advance.[/font][/color]