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hitachi thunder 9500 series configuration

Question asked by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 3, 2012
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Originally posted by: j23

i'm working on a SAN system. they were given this system by another organization. because of that they didn't recieve the installation that normaly the manufacturer would do. they don't relly have the time to try to figure it out and i'm there intern so it became my job to try and get it running.
i spent about 3 hours of serching google and reading pdfs on it. however so far i have only found parts lists, and information regarding software. the system has 2 controlersand 7or8 drive arays, some metal parts for rack mounting, and some form of coper cabaling. with special plugs. these cables are twisted together into pairs.
right now i'm trying to figure out how to conect the cables. because the cables are twinsted into pairs and the controler has 6 pairs of ports i was originaly thinking that each drive aray used a pair to link to the controler. however i ran into a problem when the drives have labels saying interface in and out and the controler says nothing and the colors don't match on the labels. now i'm thinking that mayby the drive arays are configured in a daisy chain. i found a you tube vidio and from what i could tell they were dasy cahined.
how do i setup the cabaling for this? also what software would i use to configure it. hyperterminal or putty?