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HRpM query

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 23, 2012
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Originally posted by: sanation99

hi, hoping someone can help.
We currently have two datacentres with a VSP in each. A managament server in both running HCS , and both VSPs defined to both HCS instances.
We had to blow away HCS in DataCentre2 the other day and reinstall. I’ve managed to get tuning manager reporting on the DataCentre2 array but we’re having a few issues with HUR:-

From DataCentre1 ,when I try to create a new pair , when selecting a volume in DataCentre1 and starting the pair configuration wizard I get:-

An attempt to start the pair configuration wizard has failed.
No pair management server exists that recognizes the command device of the storage system  to which the selected volume belongs [RPM-00007]

But if you go on the resources>storage systems  for  both DataCentre1 And DataCentre2 VSPs there are volumes there a LUNs on the cmd devs tab  - any ideas?

Also can you change the default information source for an object? We’d like the default for the DataCentre1 storage to be DataCentre1 , at the moment it’s DataCentre2