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How to test volume is SSUS writable

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 7, 2012
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Originally posted by: hemeshgupta

I have a very simple configuration where 2 luns are configure each side with Hitachi Truecopy sync pair.

Because of some settings i end up in the condition such as:
1) Primary site is down (so no more horcm running this side)
2) Secondary volume is in SSUS state
   got this by executing...
                pairdisplay -I1 -g vg001 -l

Now the problem is i want to check weather this SSUS volume is writable or not.
I cannot fire
              pairdisplay -I1 -g vg001
Because it ends up hanging (primary side horcm is down)
So i cann't check the M flag correspoding to its P-VOL.

Please help me figure out local SSUS volume is writable or not, by simply firing pairdisplay to local machine only.

Thanks in advance
H. Gupta