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AMS2500 - resetting factory defaults

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 26, 2012
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Originally posted by: tom kelly


I searched but did not find this info. Ive come upon an AMS2500 controller w/ several AMS2000 shelves.
The ip addresses of each controller in the 2500 box is not the default.

- is there a way to reset the controller back to factory defaults (ip addresses, user/pass, default ports, etc)?
I tried pressing the reset button on the controller (holding it for > 60secs) but that did nothing.
- What is the default port it is trying to use?
- I have Navigator2 installed but when trying to add an array it errors w/ DMEA000006 which I think means it
cannot talk to the default port (really need controller reset to factory defaults).
- If I go directly to the ip address of one of the controllers on a webpage I get a user/pass dialog - unfor the
defaults do not work (I think system/manager are the defaults).

Any help w/ reset instructions would be a big help.

- Tom